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Dyslexics Helping Dyslexics

Advocacy provided by Dyslexia Ottawa aims to support individuals with dyslexia during their schooling years (elementary through university/college). It is our effort to support dyslexic students in school, in homeschooling, and in private school to develop a working relationship with the school to ensure the necessary teaching techniques are incorporated so the dyslexic student is receiving a fair and impartial education that supports their learning needs.

Advocacy is the act of supporting, advising, and directing individuals with specific needs to empower themselves to ask for assistance. Some of the needs are guaranteed by law and protected in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (link).

Education advocacy influences change to support one’s learning needs through the use of supportive technology and educational instruction that is provided with consideration to the learning needs of the dyslexic student. Dyslexia Ottawa’s Advocacy is available to assist one with the IPRC/IEP process, in class teaching methods, use of technology, student’s needs and accommodations, and educational needs.

Further readings:

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (link)

Summary Moore v. British Columbia (2016-05-02 modified) (link)

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Ontario Ministry of Education - Special Education (link)


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